Pàdé 2.1.4

Pàdé is the Yoruba word for "Meet". It is a unified real-time collaboration client optimized for business and organizations implemented as a cross-platform browser extension.

  • Converse.js for XMPP chat/groupchat with Openfire
  • Jitsi Meet for SFU-based WebRTC audio/video conferencing, screen share and real-time application collaboration with Jitsi Video-bridge.
  • CTXPhone for SIP based telephony and MCU audio/video conferencing with FreeSWITCH.
Install Pàdé 2.1.4 Latest build: August 10, 2023

Pàdé 2.1.4

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Dele Olajide

Pàdé plugin for Openfire version 1.8.0 released!

There is now available a new version of the Pàdé plugin for Openfire! This plugin offers web-based unified communications - chat, groupchat, telephone, audio and video conferencing using ConverseJS, Jitsi Meet and FreeSwitch.

The updated plugin should become available for download in your Openfire admin console in the course of the next few hours. Alternatively, you can download the plugin directly, from the plugin’s archive page .

This is the first version of Pade that is compatible with Openfire 4.8. If you are still on Openfire 4.7 or below, then you should be using v1.7.9. Please create issues if you run into problems with this release or leave a comment or reaction on discussions.

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