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Below is a list of versions that are available for the draw plugin. To find other plugins, please review this listing of most recent releases of all plugins.

Plugins extend and enhance the functionality of Openfire. To install plugins, copy the .jar file into the plugins directory of your Openfire installation.

Web Diagramming Tool that uses SVG and XML for rendering


Draw-IO Plugin.

Known Issues


  1. Unzip the draw.jar file to a temporary DRAW_PLUGIN folder.
  2. Copy all the draw*.jar files in the DRAW_PLUGIN/classes folder to the OPENFIRE_HOME/lib folder.
  3. Copy the draw.jar file to the OPENFIRE_HOME/plugins folder.
  4. Restart Openfire.
  5. Configure the admin properties page.


Under Server settings -> Draw tab you can configure draw.

How to use

Releases Info File Version Released Openfire Version
Plugin Draw-IO
Web Diagramming Tool that uses SVG and HTML for rendering
README Changelog Download 0.0.1 Oct 21, 2018 4.0.0 +

The plugins below, so-called SNAPSHOTS, are build automatically by the continuous integration system. They represent the latest development, but are untested.

Snapshots Info File Version Built at Openfire Version
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