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Openfire is a real time collaboration (RTC) server licensed under the Open Source Apache License. It uses the only widely adopted open protocol for instant messaging, XMPP Openfire is incredibly easy to setup and administer, but offers rock-solid security and performance.

Download Openfire 4.8.3 Latest release: July 11, 2024

Openfire 4.8.3

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daryl herzmann

Openfire 4.8.3 Release

The Ignite Realtime community is pleased to announce the release of Openfire 4.8.3. This release contains an important fix for thread lock situation described with OF-2845. If you have noticed clients getting logged out or unable to connect with Openfire 4.8.1 or 4.8.2, please do try this release and report in the community forums if your issue is persisting.

The changelog denotes a few other issues addressed with this release. You can find download artifacts available with the following sha256sum values.

b86bf8c01ede9cb2ae4f43dfd2f49239d9af2d73f650c7c2d52e5a936035e520  openfire-4.8.3-1.noarch.rpm
3f6da6c89ce701d974f6a1afe5ac0245f7112c5d165934eb1a85a749a1f040e2  openfire_4.8.3_all.deb
4fce60210033216556881fd9c988bea3ce30c0ed845f4dec3d4284ee835e8208  openfire_4_8_3.dmg
28b64c144001b0f6fb6eb4705d0bb1a92581774369378196182b8d35237b83be  openfire_4_8_3.exe
43d3b042357a5c975785f3f223490e3dd18b1f499c206be6cd0857172cc005fc  openfire_4_8_3.tar.gz
a09752fbe1226724d466028036fc65d31fe88e60a0efb27a87f1e10ab100fbb1  openfire_4_8_3_x64.exe

For those of you curious, here are the 4.8.2 artifact download statistics (released 8 days ago)

Variant Filename Downloads
Linux RPM openfire-4.8.2-1.noarch.rpm 195
Debian openfire_4.8.2_all.deb 635
Mac openfire_4_8_2.dmg 56
Windows 32bit openfire_4_8_2.exe 241
Windows 64bit openfire_4_8_2_x64.exe 840
Tarball openfire_4_8_2.tar.gz 135
Zip Archive 72
Total 2,174

Thanks for your interest and usage of Openfire.

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Guus der Kinderen

Openfire 4.8.2 Release

Openfire 4.8.2 has landed!

This release addresses a number of issues in the real time collaboration server created by the Ignite Realtime Community that aim to reduce bugs and increase stability and performance.

Interested in getting started? You can download installers of Openfire here. Our documentation contains an upgrade guide that helps you update from an older version.

sha256sum checksum values for the release artifacts are as follows

4c2674fbf00768cf7ca9ccc9a6ef7e4aa693c19d9885ca469771677934634a40  openfire-4.8.2-1.noarch.rpm
76665dc80607516d12f1c8b7b323417e7993d2f87de2e82deeef43dd6a7d9761  openfire_4.8.2_all.deb
75c513db3c7e50fc5c28a7131aecc0c60ad2f858d7f04a9fe5d58a5de118afec  openfire_4_8_2.dmg
d5af1c2012d092c7c1cd9247db4e4d8039f2617adc9f212d75e549eeca0a389a  openfire_4_8_2.exe
4634e5be6314a5348e5e01413864a8ec6a7b3bbe6e2db1c051512c9bd72a199a  openfire_4_8_2.tar.gz
82c5abdf917b8958311f5813960f3b545266d99d0f646eac9dddbaf0ef52c905  openfire_4_8_2_x64.exe

If you have any questions, please stop by our community forum or our live groupchat. We are always looking for volunteers interested in helping out with Openfire development!

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Guus der Kinderen

Botz version 1.3.0 release

We have just released version 1.3.0 of the Botz framework for Openfire (the real-time communications server provided by the Ignite Realtime community)!

The Botz library adds to the already rich and extensible Openfire with the ability to create internal user bots.

In this release, compatbility with Openfire 4.8.0 and later has been resolved. Thank you to Sheldon Robinson for helping us fix that!

Download the latest version of the Botz framework from its project page!

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Guus der Kinderen

Openfire restAPI plugin version 1.11.0 release

Earlier today, version 1.11.0 of the REST API plugin for Openfire was released!

The REST API Plugin provides the ability to manage Openfire (the real-time communications server created by the Ignite Realtime community) by sending an REST/HTTP request to the server. This plugin’s functionality is useful for applications that need to administer Openfire outside of the Openfire admin console.

This release mainly addresses compatibility issues with Openfire versions 4.8.0 and later. A big thank you to community member Anckermann for providing the bulk of the fixes!

The updated plugin should become available for download in your Openfire admin console in the course of the next few hours. Alternatively, you can download the plugin directly, from the plugin’s archive page

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Guus der Kinderen

New Openfire plugin: XMPP Web!

We are excited to be able to announce the immediate availability of a new plugin for Openfire: XMPP Web!

This new plugin for the real-time communications server provided by the Ignite Realtime community allows you to install the third-party webclient named ‘XMPP Web’ in mere seconds! By installing this new plugin, the web client is immediately ready for use.

This new plugin compliments others that similarly allow to deploy a web client with great ease, like Candy, inVerse and JSXC! With the addition of XMPP Web, the selection of easy-to-install clients for your users to use becomes even larger!

The XMPP Web plugin for Openfire is based on release 0.10.2 of the upstream project, which currently is the latest release. It will automatically become available for installation in the admin console of your Openfire server in the next few days. Alternatively, you can download it immediately from its archive page.

Do you think this is a good addition to the suite of plugins? Do you have any questions or concerns? Do you just want to say hi? Please stop by our community forum or our live groupchat!

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dwd dwd Dave Cridland is also a member of the XMPP Council, the technical steering group that approves XMPP Extension Protocols.

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