Professional Partners

Get professional assistance for Openfire, Smack and Spark from the service providers listed below, including support services, customizations, and hosting.

Dele Olajide

Professional Services

Dele is a System Integrator and a full stack developer. He is also a long time member of the Ignite Realtime Community and can provide proffesional services for open source real-time communications projects which include Openfire, Smack, Spark and Pàdé.


EvoluData offers consulting for all WikiSuite components including Openfire, Pàdé, Converse and Jitsi Meet.

Florian Schmaus

Smack Professional Services

Provides paid services ranging from XMPP/Smack related consulting to designing and developing features in order to accommodate your needs.


GoodBytes specializes in Openfire development and integration challenges, and provides installation, configuration, and maintenance services.


Surevine specialises in secure collaboration solutions. We are technology agnostic but often find ourselves comprising solutions from open-source components and have a strong heritage in all things XMPP, including many of the Ignite Realtime components, and particularly Openfire. We can offer consultancy, support and bespoke development, as well as hosting, of XMPP-based digital services.

Version 2 Software

Version 2 Software creates custom software solutions, specializing in the customization and integration of Openfire and Spark. Version 2 Software has developed a number of Openfire and Spark plugins for both the Ignite Realtime community and private organizations.