Openfire 3.9.3 Documentation

The current Openfire (formerly Wildfire) documentation can be found below. All documentation is also distributed in each release.


Developer Documentation:

  • JavaDocs - Openfire API documentation.
  • Building the Source - Instructions for downloading and compiling the Openfire source code.
  • Protocol Support - Provides details on the XMPP support and JEPs that Openfire implements.
  • Plugin Developer Guide - A guide to writing and installing plugins for Openfire.
  • Translator Guide - Information for those interested in translating the admin console of Openfire into other languages.
  • Database Schema Guide - A tour of the Openfire database schema for developers and database administrators.

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Latest Build 3.9.3
Downloads 5,873,213
License Open Source Apache
Platforms Windows, Linux,
Unix, Mac OS X