Source Code

Openfire Source April 21, 2015 129.22 MB
openfire_src_3_10_0.tar.gz April 21, 2015 122.52 MB

Tinder Source August 21, 2010 0.12 MB
tinder_src_1_2_2.tar.gz August 21, 2010 0.08 MB

Whack Source July 14, 2008 2.71 MB
whack_src_1_0_0.tar.gz July 14, 2008 2.64 MB

There are many ways to view the source code for the Ignite Realtime Open Source projects:


git clone

git clone

git clone

Browse SVN Openfire: openfire/trunk
Spark: spark/trunk
SparkWeb: sparkweb/trunk
XIFF: xiff/trunk
Tinder: tinder/trunk
Whack: whack/trunk
Asterisk-IM: asterisk-im/trunk
SVN Access SparkWeb:
svn co sparkweb
svn co xiff
svn co tinder
svn co whack
svn co asterisk-im
Other Binary Builds
Openfire Nightly Builds
Smack Nightly Builds


To view and report bugs and issues, please view our issue tracker. Specific projects include: Openfire, Spark, SparkWeb, Smack API, Tinder API, Whack API, XIFF, Gateway Plugin, and Asterisk-IM.

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Openfire really impressed me and I find it really hard to come up with a negative when it comes to this great IM server... Installation was a breeze as was setup. Working with the browser-based administrative interface is a joy. In fact, Openfire is a beautiful, easy to use, configurable, customizable, extensible, and powerful instant messaging server.

– Marcel Gagné, Sys Admin Magazine