Source Code

Openfire Source May 6, 2014 80.56 MB
openfire_src_3_9_3.tar.gz May 6, 2014 77.04 MB

Tinder Source August 21, 2010 0.12 MB
tinder_src_1_2_2.tar.gz August 21, 2010 0.08 MB

Whack Source July 14, 2008 2.71 MB
whack_src_1_0_0.tar.gz July 14, 2008 2.64 MB

There are many ways to view the source code for the Ignite Realtime Open Source projects:


git clone

git clone

git clone

Browse SVN Openfire: openfire/trunk
Spark: spark/trunk
SparkWeb: sparkweb/trunk
XIFF: xiff/trunk
Tinder: tinder/trunk
Whack: whack/trunk
Asterisk-IM: asterisk-im/trunk
SVN Access SparkWeb:
svn co sparkweb
svn co xiff
svn co tinder
svn co whack
svn co asterisk-im
Other Binary Builds
Openfire Nightly Builds
Smack Nightly Builds


To view and report bugs and issues, please view our issue tracker. Specific projects include: Openfire, Spark, SparkWeb, Smack API, Tinder API, Whack API, XIFF, Gateway Plugin, and Asterisk-IM.

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Jive Software's Openfire instant messaging product is one of the easiest software packages I've ever installed because there's zero learning curve. The Openfire software can be installed in less than five minutes, or if you go out for coffee, in 15 minutes.

– Adam Reiser, Cheese Technologist & Co-founder of Pizza.Net