MUC Real-Time Block List Plugin Readme


This plugin automatically applies a block list to users joining a chat room. The block list is obtained from a Publish/Subscribe service. It is assumed that the pub/sub node contains one item per blocked JID. The item id should be the SHA256 hash of the JID to block. The payload is not currently used, but it is recommended to use a XEP-0377 report element as the payload. As entries are modified in the pub/sub node, the service-wide block list is updated automatically.

Optionally, this plugin also blocks any stanzas sent by blocked entities to MUC rooms, and kicks an entity that is added to the block list (for which a pub/sub event is received) from any rooms that they're currently in. These operations will require more resources, and might introduce a significant slow-down of services on systems with many thousands of users and/or rooms.

This plugin is heavily inspired, and aspires to be compatible with, Prosody's mod_muc_rtbl


Copy mucrtbl.jar into the plugins directory of your Openfire installation. The plugin will then be automatically deployed. To upgrade to a new version, copy the new mucrtbl.jar file over the existing file.


Once loaded, the plugin will add a page to the Openfire Admin Console, under Group Chat > Group Chat Settings > Real-time Block List. This page can be used to configure the plugin.

The default configuration of the plugin will cause it to use the block list that is advertised on the domain.


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