JmxWeb Plugin Readme

JmxWeb plugin is web based platform for managing and monitoring openfire via JMX. It includes hawtio, a lightweight and modular HTML5 web console with lots of plugins and jolokia a JMX-HTTP bridge providing a web based alternative to JSR-160 connectors. It also includes the mbeans from the java-monitor probe for openfire.



  1. Stop Openfire.
  2. Copy the jmxweb.jar file to the OPENFIRE_HOME/plugins directory.
  3. Restart Openfire.


If you want to monitor openfire JMX mbeans, enable JMX by adding the following to System Properties via the Web Admin Console or add into the table ofproperty.

If you want your admin users to recieve periodic summary emails of JMX, configure Opefire email service and add the following to System Properties via the Web Admin Console.

How to use

To access hawtio, point your browser at http://your-server:7070/hawtio

To access jolokia rest api from your javascript applications use URL http://your-server:7070/jolokia. Make sure you provide headers for basic authentication.