Openfire Meetings Plugin Readme


Openfire Meetings

Ignite Realtime is pleased to announce "Openfire Meeting", a new plugin for Openfire that continues the development of the ofmeet web application which was part of the deprecated Jitsi-videobridge plugin.


PLEASE NOTE - You will need latest Openfire 3.10.0 to use this plugin. Use a nightly build or wait for the imminent official release.



Openfire Meetings is a complete standalone plugin powered by Jitsi Videobridge. It does not depend on any other plugins. It can be enhanced by adding the optional client control and fastpath plugins. The client control plugin will enable the management and user provisioning of PDF presentatation urls and conference bookmarks. Users can select presentations and conferences from a pull down list.




The front-end web application is a combination of Candy and Jitsi Meet and enables the following features



How to use

Jitsi Meet -

Spark Plugin -

Candy -



Discussion place is in the community plugins, here